Today marks my 10th year in full time ministry.  I've seen a lot of things in 10 years, good and bad.  But no matter how many times I've seen the miraculous….whether it's a bed for a single mom….or a forklift…I am still in awe!

If you have visited our site in the past you've read it, or if you've been around me or Melba in person, you've heard us tell say we are praying for this or for that…”we know God has exactly what 6 Stones needs, it's just when He's ready to provide it.”

Tuesday, I was visiting with two Miracles in our parking lot (that's another story for another day), about to run into a meeting when my phone rang.  Unfortunately, it went to voice mail before I could finish the conversation, but I saw who it was on my the Caller ID and it was a very important person that was trying to help us with one of the Euless Revitalization houses.  So, I called him back and the conversation went something like this….

“Hey Scott, I was just on your website, and I noticed that one of your big prayer needs is a forklift, are you still looking for one?”

“Absolutely!  We sure could use one.”

“Well, we're closing down one of our warehouses, and I was wondering…would you like for us to deliver it, or would you rather come pick it up?”

I'm not even sure what I said after that, I was speechless!

Praise God that after 10 years, I get the privilege to experience in Him in new and fresh ways like I never have before, daily!  And, as I've said before….never at this level!  What a blessing!

So my question to you is, “What are you praying for?” 

Share it with others (or share it with me!), ask them to join you and stay on your knees…you never know what might happen…God is still in the Miracle Business!

(Oh…And thanks BD for following the lead of the Holy Spirit!)


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  1. Barbara Hepler on May 7, 2009 at 12:52 pm

    Tears in my eyes…. Praise God!!!

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