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Power Rankings (2017 Season Retrospective)

#1 Raiders United (HJH)

It wasn't easy, but RUFC locked up an undefeated season. They had to come from behind in a tightly contested match, and now it's up to them to determine whether that result exposes them or prepares them for adversity.

#2- Stallions FC (EJH)

A 5-1 drubbing of Hurst City could be just what the doctor ordered for Euless, who desperately need a reason to believe that they can topple the only team to beat them all year in Raiders United. We'll find out on April 5.

#3 – Atlético Central (CJH)

With their team at full strength and with a sense of tactical flair, ACFC looked dangerous in a tight loss to Raiders United. For now, that's only good for “could have been.” But in a longer season, Central might be playing for a trophy.

#4 – Hurst City FC (HJH)

It's tough to know what went wrong here. For most of the season, Hurst City looked like favorites to defend their title. But they unraveled after Raiders edged them out and the schedule got more difficult.

#5- Real Euless (EJH)

Cellar Dwellers No More! Real Euless finally found their form in the last week of the season, which bodes well for next year's campaign. Let them grow and give them a team identity, and this is a squad with potential.

#6- Spartans FC (CJH)

Spartans are better than they finished. Their big problem is discipline; something a year off and a little more veteran guile could remedy next year. They should have finished at #5, but couldn't keep their heads in the game.

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