You may remember the potatoes that were donated during the Night of Wonder event…well, Alex Horton, volunteer Food Coordinator for 6 Stones, invited Harry H. Price & Son to donate those potatoes.  And now, Alex has invited another food distributor to donate food.  Meet Aldi, a new grocer coming soon to the HEB area.  We picked up our first shipment of fruit and vegetables Monday.   Thank you, Aldi!  New Hope Center volunteers appreciated the opportunity to provide fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to the canned goods usually distributed.  Aldi said they will have even more fruits and vegetables available for the New Hope Center next Monday.  They plan to open 25 stores in the DFW area this Spring, including one in Euless and one in Hurst. 


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  1. Donna Smith on January 26, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    Aldi saved us when we lived in Kansas City while we were going to seminary. It helped with our weekly grocery shopping. It was a God send for us.

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