Join us for the next Backstage

Ever wonder how Businesses, Nonprofits, Schools, Churches and the Local Government could work together? Lend us a few hours and we’ll show you! Regardless of how much or how little you know about 6 Stones, we’re hoping to have the opportunity to give you a Backstage look at our CPR event, which involves 1,500 volunteers, in 6 cities, revitalizing 45 homes, in just 2 days.


Our next Backstage opportunity is coming up on April 21-22.
You can join us for Friday or Saturday (or both!)
Pick the option that best fits you and your team!

If you are a current or prospective Sponsor, Community Partner or Key Stakeholder in one of the communities 6 Stones' currently partners please click below.
Want to see transformation happen in YOUR city?! Dive in with us as we take a look at what steps are necessary to start a catalytic movement in your community. Through in depth looks at 380 agreements, panel discussions and more, this time will serve you and your city well!

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