Featured Speaker - Reggie McNeal

Check out Reggie McNeal's sessions from the 2018 Catalyst of Hope Forum.
You can download his slides here and watch his keynote from the luncheon here.

Session 1

Session 2

Which of the following is your community?


What it might be:

  • Some sectors know the issues / needs
    AND are tackling them
  • Other sectors mean well, but do not know how to really address the needs
  • A few sectors do not even realize they can play a role

What it could be:

  • If all of the sectors dialog, plan, collaborate and dream together…
  • Then real solutions emerge and genuine community begins!



Watch sessions from 2017 - featuring Eric Swanson

Session 1

Overview - City Transformation

Session 2

Panel Discussion

Session 3


Resources from 2017

Session 1 – Eric Swanson
Overview of City Transformation
(powerpoint, pdf)

Session 3 – Eric Swanson
Why Platforms Matter
(powerpoint, pdf)

2016 Annual Report – 6 Stones

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