Church Mobilization

“The mission that God has given to every church is too big to do alone. No one individual, no one church can ever accomplish what it is that God has called us to. We have to do it in partnership and in collaboration.”


Unchurched People in DFW

*based on estimates from recent census and survey data


Professions of Faith since 2009

that can be traced directly to 6 Stones events or programs.

By partnering with 6 Stones, your church or small group has a direct means of living out the Gospel in your community. Our desire is to leverage relationships to connect people of faith with people who need faith.

Follow Up

We rely on our church partners to stay in touch with families long after we serve them. You and your church or small group can help us to maintain those relationships while rooting them in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Church Mobilization brings local congregations together to serve on the mission field here in our backyard. We need your financial support to continue reaching our neighbors with the Gospel and connecting them to local believers.

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