Year-Round Support for Families

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As part of The Coalition, your monthly support will:
  • Provide support for all of your favorite 6 Stones initiatives.
  • Build capacity and increase impact for 6 Stones every year.
  • Create sustainable support for your neighbors in this community.

New Hope Center

The unfortunate truth is that, sometimes, our neighbors can’t afford all of the things they need. The New Hope Center provides them with resources to get back on their feet, from food and clothing to counseling and referrals to other social service agencies. Your gift ensures that we’ll always be here for them.

Operation Back 2 School

Your recurring gift will equip the next generation for success through Operation Back 2 School. Over 55% of local students qualify for free or reduced lunch, making each school year a new challenge. But thanks to our unique partnership with the local school district, we can identify and provide the exact supplies that each student needs for the upcoming year. You can send those families back to school with confidence.

Community Powered Revitalization

If you’re going to transform a city, you might as well start with the infrastructure. That’s Community Powered Revitalization (CPR). Our partnering cities identify folks who are physically and financially unable to keep their houses in livable condition, and we mobilize volunteers to get the work done at no cost to the homeowner. Dozens of local families are touched by Community Powered Revitalization every year. Your gift helps to support them.

Night of Hope

The last month of the year is often the hardest for families living near or below the poverty line. Monthly expenses go up, and parents have to face the idea of failing to provide Christmas for their children. But Coalition members can solve that. With the support of our community, we mobilize the local church to host Christmas parties for a school in their neighborhood. Every kid gets Christmas, and the whole community gets to celebrate the Advent season with hope and joy.

Why Join the Coalition?

It's Affordable.

It only takes a small, recurring donation to serve a family through 6 Stones. No matter how much you give each month, your money goes to directly to their needs, from food and clothing to school supplies to home repairs.

It's Sustainable.

If we wait for the need to arise, we’ll never be able to overcome it. Your recurring gift helps us to build capacity and prepare to serve our neighbors before they find themselves in need so that we can be proactive instead of reactive.

It Builds Community.

We are a coalition of businesses, churches, nonprofits, and people — like YOU — that transforms lives, homes, and communities. Your ongoing gift makes you a part of the Coalition. That means a stronger community for you, too!

Coalition - Founding Members

121 Community Church
Jeremy & Adrianna Watson
Michael & Beverly Springer
Bob Bell
C.R. Robert Carlson Jr.
Calvary Baptist Church
Carolyn Sims
Chad & Amy Johnston
Gary & Cindy Jones
Cody & Amy Bettis
Damon Emery
Darl Easton
Jim & Vickie McKinnon

David & Miki Von Luckner
First Euless
Freedom Church
Gary & Paula McKamie
Trey & Holly Dyer
Jessica Holmes
Kathryn Castleberry
Keith & Tami Emery
Ken & Corrine Anderson
Kim Campbell
Kraig & Beth Kossuth
Les Schoonover
Henry & Susan Seal


Marsha Hill
Mike & Mary Dale O'Shields
Michael Eastabrook
Michelle Mangum
Mike & Judy Jones
Pantego Bible Church
Richard Broberg
Sheppard Drive Baptist Church
Sherry Herndon
Steven Jones
Steven Tankersley
Frankie J. Phillips

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