North Texas Giving Day

North Texas Giving Day is
Thursday, September 19!

Take Mikayla's challenge and #FillTheBucket by joining your fellow North Texans in the LARGEST community-wide online giving day in the U.S.

Final Report

North Texas Giving Day gives us the unique opportunity to broadcast our organization to thousands of new people, as well as maximize giving in a minimum amount of time. Between 6am-midnight on Thursday, Septembebr 19, generous individuals like you will rally together to give to their favorite nonprofits. Due to the nature of Giving Day's bonus funds, any money donated to 6 Stones on September 19th will have a magnified impact! The combined power of the sheer mass of givers and bonus funds allows us to set our sights set on raising $50,000.

Want a breakdown of what a gift like that could do for your community?

5,000 cans of food AND
school supplies for 430 at-risk students AND
10 complete home restorations AND
Christmas for 615 struggling families AND
a year of support through all 6 Stones programs for 40 families of 4.

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