Poverty is a complex issue that requires an in-depth solution. What our neighbors need more than anything is a system of consistent support and guidance that can lift them out of challenging circumstances and put them on the path to self-sufficiency. In partnership with the Bank of America Neighborhood Builders program, 6 Stones will pair 100 individuals with a mentor for a period of one year through 2021.
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Developing Economic Mobility

“Together, we are going to launch a mentoring program that will form the building blocks for helping 6 Stones guests achieve economic mobility. Many of the people who come to us for help with food, clothing, school supplies, and other basic needs have been entrapped in generational poverty. Our current programs help to cover their immediate needs so that they can stabilize. Now, with support from Bank of America, we will be able to lead our neighbors into the next chapter of their lives: security that leads to growth. We believe that leveraging our amazing volunteer base to address community-wide issues through personal mentoring will not only empower the families we serve but also build a thriving community: one household at a time.”

– Jennifer Leney, 6 Stones Executive Director

This is a brand new initiative, launched with the support of Bank of America, launches as we prepare to move into 2020. Volunteer mentors will be paired with our friends who need a little boost in order to facilitate strong relationships that lead to personal growth. Each mentor will serve for a total of a year, guiding and facilitating the growth of a 6 Stones guest who is ready to move into economic independence but lacking key resources to make the jump.
To be part of the team, simply fill out the Google Form below so that our staff can arrange to bring you on board.

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