What's New In Liga HEB?

Power Rankings (2020 Week 2)

#1 – Hurst City FC (HJH)

They waited until the death of the match to decide it, but a clutch goal put City past Atl├ętico on the scoresheet and in the rankings. In a competitive year, Hurst's veteran poise is invaluable.

#2 – Atl├ętico Central (CJH)

WHAT. A. MATCH. Central hasn't been a legitimate contender for a few seasons now, but if they play with the same passion and discipline they showed in a narrow loss Hurst City there's no reason they should miss the Champions Cup Match.

#3 – Bedford United (BJH)

Over the course of their first three years in the league, Bedford have established a firm identity: they might not control the match outright, but they'll never lose control of it, either. Their habit of eeking out results is a double-edged sword come playoff time.

#4 – Real Euless (EJH)

Euless struggled out of the gates, but hung on in their match against Bedford despite a limited roster. Eligibility issues notwithstanding, Real could make the playoffs if they hold on to their defensive emphasis.

#5 Raiders United (HJH)

If any school has proven to have a depth of talent over the years, it's Hurst. Their developmental club wasn't quite dominant in a win over Stallions, but they were never uncomfortable, either.

#6 – Spartans FC (CJH)

The Resurgence continues! Central benefits from a deep recruiting class this year, and — after a few early hiccups — look ready to compete for a playoff spot this season. The key for them will be to remain consistent.

#7 – Blackhawk SC (Harwood)

The trouble with expansion clubs is usually a slow start; it takes a while to find footing when you're new to the league. Given that Harwood scored the first goal of the 2020 season, however, their struggle may be more about closing games than grabbing momentum.

#8- Stallions FC (EJH)

Losing 1-0 to arguably the strongest opponent you'll face isn't all that painful, but Stallions need to find their identity (and their offense) if they want to stay in contention for the only playoff spot in Tier II.

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