What's New In Liga HEB?

Power Rankings (2019)

#1 Raiders United (HJH)

The top team at the top school ends the season perfect, outscoring their opponents by 21 and never really struggling during the regular season. Can they finish the job in the Champions Cup Match?

#2- Stallions FC (EJH)

Aside from their stumble against Raiders United, Stallions have looked good this season. They don't dominate games, but they also don't give them away. They'll be worthy challengers for the cup.

#3- Spartans FC (CJH)

It's all but tradition for Central to find themselves just as the season is coming to a close. If they'd had the firepower to down Stallions in Week 6, they'd have returned to the championship for the first time since 2016. Now, they simply have to focus on building the program.

#4 – Bedford United (BJH)

In a promising sophomore campaign, Bedford surprised a good portion of the league with their quality. But there's work to be done if they want to finish above average (they end the year 3-3-0 with a neutral goal differential).

#5 – Hurst City FC (HJH)

Once again, City proved themselves to be upstart contenders who may well run the league next year. They didn't win many matches in 2019, but they competed for every result.

#6- Real Euless (EJH)

In all honesty, Real and Atlético should share this spot. But Euless kept their matches closer than Central and in a high-scoring league, defensive prowess gives you the edge.

#7 – Atlético Central (CJH)

There's not a team in Liga HEB with more heart than Atlético. They simply need more men on the roster to compete in 2020.

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