What's New In Liga HEB?

Power Rankings (2020 Preseason)

#1 – Hurst City FC (HJH)

Hurst remains the school to beat in Liga HEB, with City taking over lead pole position now that Raiders have rotated into Tier II. Can the schools' returning veterans continue the Red Dynasty?

#2 – Real Euless (EJH)

Only one team has interrupted the flow of championship trophies to Hurst Junior High over the last four seasons: Real Euless. With a decent core of returning players and a sound tactical system, they might just reclaim the cup.

#3 – Bedford United (BJH)

After narrowly missing the Champions Cup Match last season, it looks like Bedford may finally outgrow their growing pains in Year Three. The expanded playoff will give them a chance to find their form at the right time.

#4 – Atl├ętico Central (CJH)

The only thing that kept Central from competing at the top level last year was an unfortunate dip in recruiting. A returning staff of dedicated coaches and a consistent roster could revive the league's oldest powerhouse.

#5 Raiders United (HJH)

This league moves in rhythm: clubs get a year of dominance and a year to rebuild. Even in their down season, however, Raiders stand a good chance of grabbing the only playoff spot available in Tier II.

#6 – Blackhawk SC (Harwood)

Expansion teams are tough to predict, and there's almost no telling where Harwood will land in the table during their inaugural season. That said, starting in Tier II gives them an outside chance to make noise in the playoffs.

#7 – Spartans FC (CJH)

They'll be hidden in the shadow of Atl├ętico Central this season, but keep your eyes on the Youth Movement at Spartans FC. If they can spend the season developing chemistry, they'll be ready for a run in 2021.

#8- Stallions FC (EJH)

The two-tier system will hurt Stallions, as Real Euless is sure to grab all the top talent at Euless. Expect a difficult season for the Horsemen, but know that their time will come.

To view the league table and a full schedule for this season, visit the Soccer Standings page.

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