What's New In Liga HEB?

Power Rankings (Week 6)

#1 Raiders United (HJH)

The Reds finally locked in their trip to the Champions Cup Match in Week 6, but they've outscored their opponents 22-3 this season. This was never in doubt.

#2- Stallions FC (EJH)

It's not a mathematical certainty just yet, but Stallions should sneak back into the Champions Cup this year. They'll need to stabilize their defense to have a shot at the trophy, but they also look like the only legitimate challengers.

#3 – Bedford United (BJH)

The Broncos need Stallions to lose out in order to get a shot at the Cup. That seems unlikely, which effectively makes next week's fixture against Spartans a third-place match that could top a respectable Sophomore season.

#4- Spartans FC (CJH)

It feels like another lost season for Central, who will play Bedford for pride next week. But the building blocks are there for 2020. Can they spark a turnaround in the final stretch?

#5 – Hurst City FC (HJH)

City had a rough opening schedule and will have to close the season against the top two clubs in the league, but they found points where they could in the middle of a challenging campaign.

#6- Real Euless (EJH)

No one was really surprised to see Real struggle after losing their starters to the high school team. But the young core they've had to rely on is starting to learn how to compete and their scorelines are getting tighter.

#7 – Atlético Central (CJH)

With Rivalry Week pushed into Week 8, Atlético will get a chance to enjoy their last game of the season, even if they lose. But it looks like the upcoming match against Real Euless will be their only real shot at a Win in 2019.

To view the league table and a full schedule for this season, visit the Soccer Standings page.

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