Liga HEB Standings

7 Teams, One Goal

Atlético Central FC: De Facto home club for most of the season, Atlético once played under the name Central White but don Royal Blue as of 2017. The club struggled in 2018 and are seeking a revival under their third coaching staff in as many years.

Hurst City FC: Based in Hurst Junior High, Hurst FC played under the name Hurst White until 2016. After upsetting Atlético in the inaugural Champions Cup, Hurst City looks to return to form and once again contend for the league title under Frank Lecocq in 2019.

Real Euless: Formerly Euless White, Real Euless represent Euless Junior High. In the tradition of their former club, Real Euless players wear solid white uniforms for every match. They will look to defend their first-ever title under coach José Davilla this season.

Spartans FC: Clad in silver kits with navy shorts and hailing from Central Junior High, Spartans FC share home-field advantage with Atlético in the regular season. The side, formerly known as Central Blue, will be managed by Eduardo Chibli in his inaugural season.

Raiders United FC: A staple of previous Finals matches, Raiders FC are the pride of Hurst Junior High. Their red uniforms earned the club its original name: Hurst Red. They now bear the school’s proper mascot and play under Adam Bean.

Stallions FC: The only club to wear solid black, Stallions FC make for an intimidating opponent. Representing Euless Junior High, the artists formerly known as Euless Black rally under their school mascot and maestro Joey Hart.

Bedford United: Newcomers in 2018, Bedford United joined the league on a wave of passionate support from players who petitioned their administrators to give them a club. The Broncos play in red and navy hoops, emblematic of the pride they have in being sole representatives of Bedford Junior High. With guidance from head coach Peter Sebastian, United looks gain momentum in 2019.

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2019 Season Schedule & Standings


Raiders United (6-0-0, 18 pts) GD +21

Streak: W-6
Next: Champions Cup Match


Stallions FC (5-1-0, 15 pts) GD +10

Streak: W - 3
Next: Champions Cup Match


Spartans FC (4-2-0, 12 pts) GD +8

Streak: W-2
Next: End of Season


Bedford United (3-3-0, 9 pts) GD +0

Streak: L - 2
Next: End of Season


Hurst City FC (2-4-0, 6 pts) GD -4

Streak: L-2
Next: End of Season


Real Euless (0-5-1, 1 pts) GD -14

Streak: L-1
Next: End of Season


Atlético Central (0-5-1, 1 pts) GD -21

Streak: L-1
Next: End of Season
*Win = 3 points, Tie = 1 point, Loss = 0 points
1st Tie breaker is head-to-head play, second is goal differential, third is team GPA
Matches kick off at 4:40 pm unless otherwise noted.
Week 1

(January 23)

Bedford 0
Stallions 1

Spartans 7
Hurst City 1

Atlético 0
Raiders 5

Week 2

(January 30)

Real Euless 1
Raiders 6

Stallions 5
Atlético 0

Bedford 5
Hurst City 4

Week 3

(February 6)

Stallions 1
Raiders 3

Real Euless 1
Spartans 3

Bedford  1
Atlético 0

Week 4

(February 13)

Atlético 1
Hurst City 5

Real Euless 1
Bedford 4

Raiders 4
Spartans 0

Week 5

(February 20)

Stallions vs
Real Euless


Atlético vs


Raiders vs
Hurst City



(February 27)

HEB Green 5

HEB White 3

Week 6

(March 6)

Hurst City 3
Real Euless 1

Spartans 0
Stallions 3

Raiders 4
Bedford 1

Week 7

(March 20)

Hurst City 2
Stallions 3

Spartans 3
Bedford 2

Real Euless 2
Atlético 2

Postponed Matches

(March 27)

Stallions 2
Real Euless 0

Atlético 0
Spartans 6

Raiders 3
Hurst City 1


(April 3)

Raiders United vs Stallions FC

6:00 PM – Pennington Field

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