Community Ministries Update from Kenny
Every Tuesday night a team of folks in the 6 Stones Community Ministries join me in talking with people in the community. Most folks in our community are interested in talking about life! They share their interests, concerns, needs and views on life.

Last week my team mate James and I talked with a father and daughter about the Clubhouse Kids we are launching in their neighborhood. The little girl was so excited. She asked her father if she can attend and he said yes! In the course of conversation I showed the little girl a story block we use to talk with people about Biblical truths, called the EvangeCube. She took the block from my hand and proceeded to tell US the story! I asked her how she knew so much as a 3rd grader. She quickly replied, “I read the Bible! I love the Bible!” Wow, you can learn a lot from a 3rd grader!

Before we left she asked us to pray for another little girl her neighborhood who has two brain tumors. Think about what was on that little girls mind tonight: concern for a friend who is hurting and concern enough to share it with someone else. It is a privilege and honor to do what we do on Tuesday night. We invite you to come out and see what it is all about. I guarantee that it will refresh you Рnot wear you out.  We are truly blessed each week as we seek to be a Catalyst of Hope in our community. Email me at