History of 6 Stones

History of 6 Stones

January 16

First Vision Meeting

First visionary gathering in city of Euless with First Euless and Restoration Church.
March 5

Euless Revitalization launched

“Euless Revitalization” launched with joint participation of city and church leaders.
July 12

First 2 ER homes complete

First 2 home renovations completed (First Euless & Restoration Church)
August 1

Apartment fire

An apartment complex near First Baptist Church of Euless caught fire and one of the residents asked the church for help. After realizing they did not have a good way to assist, Pastor John Meador commissioned Scott Sheppard to research possible solutions.
January 4

6 Stones becomes official

First Baptist Church of Euless launches a separate non-profit to support Euless Revitalization and to meet the needs of the community adopting the name “6 Stones” for the broader organization.
February 8

City and church partners meet

Over 30 city officials and church partners gather to talk about issues and needs.
June 14

First ER blitz

First Euless Revitalization (ER) Blitz with 17 homes renovated.
July 21

Westdale Hills partnership

First agreement with a multi-family housing partner. This birthed Community Ministries.
August 21

First Operation Back 2 School

Operation Back 2 School launched in partnership with HEB ISD. 1,300 children from 9 schools served in partnership with HEB Family Support Services.
December 12

First Night of Wonder

Night of Wonder launched in 9 schools, 600 families served
April 13

Bedford and Hurst cities join

Bedford and Hurst city management recruited, 6 Stones reach expanded by joint 380 Agreements from Euless and each of the new cities. ER becomes CPR.
October 14

100th home

100th home renovated by CPR
October 17

Black & Blue Showdown food drive proposed

Black & Blue Showdown food drive event proposed by HEB student and implemented by 6 Stones.
November 3

Community Garden Completed

In cooperation with the City of Bedford a Community Garden was created to increase community involvement and help supply the food pantry with fresh, healthy food. Garden plots began in summer of 2011. Pavilion completed in November 2012.
December 12

Night of Wonder replicated in Waxahachie

6 Stones hosts leaders from Waxahachie and give them basic playbooks. Over the next year they create Mission 75165 and replicate Night of Wonder in their community.
April 13

CPR celebrates 200th home

CPR celebrates 200th home renovation
May 13

Run for Hope

Inaugural “Run for Hope” event launched to engage the community and expand the capacity of Operation Back 2 School.
August 23

Operation Back 2 School expands to secondary

Operation Back 2 School expands to provide supplies to Junior High and High School students
August 30

Partnership with City of Cleburne

380 agreement signed with the City of Cleburne. Clean up day that fall and first big "blitz" on March 26, 2015
November 7

CPR Blitz in Watauga

First CPR Blitz in the City of Watauga.
December 11

Night of Wonder serves 3,206

Night of Wonder serves 3,206 children in final year before re-branding as “Night of Hope.”
October 16

City of Richland Hills join

6 Stones partners with the City of Richland Hills and puts on the first CPR Blitz.
October 17

400th home renovated

400th home renovated by CPR
December 14

Night of Hope serves 3,400+

Night of Hope serves 3,400+ students in HEB ISD
April 8

First CPR Blitz in Haltom City

Haltom City joins Watauga and Richland Hills for the Spring Blitz in the Quad Cities
January 1


Daily clothing and food assistance through the New Hope Center serves approximately 300 individuals per week and will increase capacity with an upcoming expansion. School-based partnerships are expanding and the CPR Program is enjoying consistent growth into new cities.
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