As the chill of winter fills the air and the fourth year for 6 Stones comes to a close, we are so blessed with the opportunity to advance HOPE across our community.  6 Stones began out of a MIRACLE that made us aware of how God works in the midst of our despair and in crisis.  Today, an ocean of need and personal crisis surrounds us.  6 Stones represents HOPE to so many and reminds us that there is still a God of miracles!  I have come to realize that the people we serve do not need us; we need them!  They provide us the opportunity to validate our faith, express genuine LOVE and live out our life mission!

As 6 Stones' initiatives continue to grow to meet the needs of hurting and hungry people, we are dependent upon the generosity of people like you who believe that miracles do still happen and choose to invest in our community.  Hear from these supporters on why they invest their time and support 6 Stones:




6 Stones is driven by people like you who volunteer at the New Hope Center, the Community GardenCommunity Powered RevitalizationOperation Back 2 School and Night of WonderThe volunteer hours alone represent a value of nearly $1 million. Most people do not know that we only have seven salaried employees. It simply could not be done without you!

I believe with all my heart that we are at a place to take the next step.  Before we can take that step, we want to finish 2012 strong.  It has taken two years and dollars we had not anticipated, but the Bedford / 6 Stones Community Garden and Pavilion are complete and producing thousands of pounds of food while building community.  Additional costs have been taken on with the installation of the Cold Storage project…but it is operational…giving 6 Stones the capacity to feed thousands more and to help many other agencies around us, further expanding our impact.  We still need $46,000 to fully fund these two projects.  With added capacity and projects come added expenses and the personnel resources to manage it.  We are fortunate to have added a second social worker to our staff, along with additional support staff.  God has been very good to us, and we have new opportunities on the horizon in 2013.

And with the added expertise to our staff, it is time to move from just assistance programs to long-term solutions.  These will have costs associated with start up and sustainability, but they will pay dividends for our families and community for years to come.   6 Stones is known for being there for our elementary schools, but in 2013 it is time to invest in our secondary students!  They have just as great a need and so much potential…if we will be there for them.  Will you help us?

That is why I am writing you.  I am praying that you will do three things.

  • First, pray for 6 Stones!  Pray three things.
    • Lord, is this of you? 
    • What is my part?
    • Lord, bless your people so they may give generously!
      If God affirms 6 Stones in your heart, then:
  • Second, I ask you to make a year-end donation.  We have stretched as far as we can to meet as many needs as we could in 2012.  Our hope is to finish the year strong so we can accomplish even more in 2013.
  • Third, I ask that you would make a commitment to contribute to 6 Stones each month of 2013.  All contributions are tax-deductible since 6 Stones is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

You may go to our website,, to make your year-end contribution and monthly commitment with your debit or credit card, or you can mail the donation in an envelope to: 209 N. Industrial Blvd, Suite 241, Bedford, TX  76021.

Thank you for being our partner as a catalyst of hope!

Scott Sheppard
Executive Director