Liga HEB Intramural Soccer

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There is no University Interscholastic League soccer program for boys at the junior high level in HEB.

We built Liga HEB to encourage and motivate students who aren't connected anywhere else.

  • Liga HEB players are held to high performance and behavioral standards. No pass, no play.
  • UIL athletes are ineligible for this program, leaving it open for students who aren't plugged into their campus.
  • Athletes represent their school, which in turn develops a sense of pride in that school.
  • Each team is coached by staff from the school it represents, giving staff a new avenue for developing better students.
  • Every student in Liga HEB follows a season-long character development curriculum.

players considered "at-risk"

participating junior highs


reduction in absences


Atlético Central
Central Junior High

Bedford United Clear

Bedford United
Bedford Junior High


Raiders United
Hurst Junior High


Real Euless
Euless Junior High


Spartans FC
Central Junior High

Blackhawk SC web

Blackhawk Soccer Club
Harwood Junior High


Hurst City
Hurst Junior High


Stallions FC
Euless Junior High

Matches are played on Wednesday evenings with kick-off at 4:55 unless otherwise noted.
Full schedule and league table available below.

Players and parents can sign up for weekly updates through Remind (@liga2021).

Weekly Photo Recap

Schedule & Tables

Playoffs - Round 1 (03.10.21)
#2 Harwood
#5 Central
Field 1
#3 Bedford
#4 Euless
Field 3

#1 Hurst receives a BYE and will serve as Ball Kids during the first round.

Week 1 (01.20.21)
Week 2 (01.27.21)
Week 3 (02.03.21)
Week 4 (02.10.21)
Week 5 (02.17.21)
Week 6 (02.24.21)
Week 7 (03.03.21)
Playoffs - Round 2 (03.24.21)
Semifinal Matches (03.31.21)
Champions Cup (04.07.21)


2021 Champions Cup Playoff Bracket

  1. HURST (3-0-1, 10 PTS) GD +8
  2. HARWOOD (2-2-0, 6 PTS) GD +3
  3. BEDFORD (2-2-0, 6 PTS) GD -4
  4. EULESS (2-2-0, 6 PTS) GD -2
  5. CENTRAL (0-3-1, 1 PTS) GD -5

*Win = 3 points, Tie = 1 point, Loss = 0 points

1st Tiebreaker is head-to-head play (aggregate if applicable), second is goal differential, third is team GPA.

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