6 Stones has a longstanding relationship with HEB ISD, and our mission is to be a catalyst of hope transforming lives, homes and communities.  Generations is our newest program that focuses on life change and equipping the next generation with skills to help them achieve success today and for tomorrow.

Generations Mentors:

We need YOUR help!

Generations is a 7-week mentorship program and we are looking for adults to invest in and walk alongside the next generation. We meet at Keys High School on Wednesday afternoons from 3-4 pm.

Helping the Next Generation

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Want to be
a mentor?

We are looking for adults to invest in and walk alongside the next generation.

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Want to talk future careers for these students?

We are desiring local community leaders and business owners to get involved by donating their time to speak about future careers to these kids.

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Want to give to the next Generation?

With your support as a sponsor, we can empower, educate, and raise the next generation to enter the workforce prepared.

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Want to take a look at the topics we discuss in Generations?

Setting these kids up on their career path is our ultimate goal... we focus on creating relationships that will help them grow their soft skills and mindset.

Giving kids the resources of:




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