We are still receiving registrations from the HEB Schools so the number registered and number left to adopt will continue to be fluid until all registrations are complete. Currently, there are:

Total Registered:  1594 children
Total Left to Adopt: 794 children

The HEB Mayors are in a challenge to see how many Hurst, Euless & Bedford City Employees, Residents & Businesses can adopt the most children.  Here's how it's stacking up:

Hurst has adopted 121 children.
Euless has adopted 246 children.
Bedford has adopted 108 children.

A total of 800 children have been adopted. This includes adopters outside of HEB, people who adopted offline, city employees & residents of HEB.  Keep up the great effort!

You guys are making a difference! Just think of those kid's faces at Christmas!  Encourage everyone to adopt at nightofwonder.org. 


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