As the Night of Wonder parties approached, children were being adopted. With a couple hundred kiddos left, Santa arrived to deliver a special gift from Classic Chevrolet.

The Classic Continuous Improvement Committee voted to give $15,000 to 6 Stones.

The Classic “Continuous Improvement” Committee voted to donate $15,000 to 6 Stones. With this and other generous donors combined with the efforts of our community, all 3029 children have been adopted!

Danny Bowen, Sales Manager for Classic Pre-Owned explained, “We all participate in gathering donations for the Employee Charity Fund, but we also try to do even more just within the department.  So throughout the year, we take some of the money from our wholesale vehicles and earmark it for charity. At the end of this year, we had $15,000 in the fund.”  The employees presented the money to Susan Durant, wife of owner Tom Durant, to give to the charity of her choice. But Susan Durant had a better idea. “Over the past few years, it’s been a sheer pleasure to see how our employees have so fully embraced the spirit of giving back to our local community. Tom and I felt that the money that the Pre-Owned department raised be given to the charity of our employees’ choice.”
“Classic Chevrolet has supported us in many ways over the years, but this came as a complete surprise; I was flabbergasted. This incredibly generous donation comes just days before our Night of Wonder which makes Christmas possible for over 1200 families,” remarked Scott Sheppard. “Classic’s incredible donation will make this year’s event more special than we even imagined. We have so many people involved including chambers, businesses, churches and the cities themselves.  I can’t wait to tell them all that Santa showed up at the last minute and his name is Classic Chevrolet.”
Ken Thompson of The Thompson Group at Classic said, “we encourage our employees to push themselves to achieve not only our company goals, but their own personal goals as well. Giving back to the community has become incredibly important and fulfilling for the entire organization.”


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