Mentoring / Weekend Feeding Program
We are excited to see how the Mentoring / Weekend Feeding program is expanding.  We have 24 mentors meeting with 33 children on a weekly basis at Spring Garden Elementary.  We have several other children for whom we are seeking mentors.  Right now, we need 1 more male and 3 more female mentors to help through the end of this school year.  If you are interested in mentoring, please email  Did you see this story about the needs of children in America? These are the kinds of realities you can help with in our community by mentoring or serving with 6 Stones Community Ministries.

Westdale Hills
Meet us at the Westdale Hills Community Center at 6pm on Sunday nights to pray about the upcoming ministry launch.

March 25th – Westdale Hills Workday (Jeremy Lucarelli's department)

April 10th – My Church Westdale Hills (church launch)

April 23rd – Westdale Hills Community Outreach & Easter Egg Hunt

To learn more about Community Ministries, email


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