Approximately 735 school children in the HEB area are considered homeless, states Shalyn Clark, President of the HEB Education Foundation. “ Children cannot learn if they are hungry or if they lack a stable home,” remarked Clark.  Managing the homeless is a challenge that many cities find monumental. Imagine that task for a tri-city area, such as Hurst, Euless, Bedford, with a combined population of 144,700.

6 Stones Mission Network is making a difference with the “hidden homeless” through their program, Community Powered Revitalization (CPR).  CPR is a unique arrangement between the cities of Hurst, Euless and Bedford, working with the HEB ISD, local churches and businesses, all coordinating their efforts with 6 Stones, a faith based nonprofit, to renovate homes.  Founder and Executive Director of 6 Stones, Scott Sheppard, shares a story of a Samoan family in Euless who suddenly found themselves with 20 relatives living under one roof.  “The relatives were living in an extension of the home with four walls but nothing else. A plastic tarp doubled as a roof,” states Sheppard.  Plans are under way for that home to be renovated by 6 Stones during their annual CPR April Blitz.  This Spring Blitz will push 6 Stones over the 100 mark of homes that they have renovated through their alliance with cities, businesses and schools over the past two years.

Sheppard states “the CPR April Blitz has received a boost thanks to the generosity of corporate sponsors like iT’Z Food Family & Fun who have come forward and kick-started their annual fundraising campaign making home renovation a reality for so many families.”  According to Mark Moore, CEO iT’Z Food Family & Fun LLC, “our mission is to create a fun experience for families.  We are committed as an active member of the HEB community to also help families meet their basic needs such as shelter.”  iT’Z will host a fundraiser for the HEB ISD Education Foundation on Thursday, March 3rd.  “iT’Z sponsorship and support of the Education Foundation strengthens the partnership between HEB schools and the local community,” asserts Shalyn Clark, President of the HEB Education Foundation.  iT’Z Food Family & Fun opens their doors to the public on Friday, March 4th with a fundraiser generating proceeds to help 6 Stones renovate homes during their CPR April Blitz.  (Sign up today!) iT’Z has six locations in the United States offering families themed dining rooms, video games, bowling, amusement rides and it’s signature all-you-can eat pizza, pasta, salad and dessert bar. Voted 2009’s Top Family Entertainment Center of the World (FEC) and Houston’s Best Family Entertainment Center, iT’Z is owned and operated by Dallas based iT’Z LLC. For more information, visit

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