We have heard lots of positive comments about HEB ISD Operation Back-2-School.  One volunteer shared her story:

After completing her initial assignment, she walked through the main room at the West location when she said “I ran into a deaf couple.  Since I know sign language, I automatically struck up a conversation with them.  Their host so politely asked if I wanted to just take them through the rest of the way and so I was able to help them out with interpreting.  God is so good!  It's not always about what we sign up to do or what we think we're supposed to be doing, but about being available for Him to use us.  I have no idea who the host was, but I was also impressed that she knew it wasn't about her as she offered for me to take over as host.”

We greatly appreciate your support of HEB ISD Operation Back-2-School.  The district identified and invited 6,700 students to participate this year.  4,045 responded to the invitation and the majority of those were present at one of our two locations on Saturday.

Across the East and West locations, there were approximately: 

3,500 Students Served
800 Volunteers
58 Social Service Providers
40 Corporate Sponsors
200 Individual Sponsors
40 Churches Represented

Check out our photos and posts on Facebook and join the conversation. We heard from several people that we should keep the site open for donations.  So click here if you'd like to sponsor a child. 


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  1. Shelley Tidwell on August 31, 2011 at 3:49 am

    There were several families of all different races, color, and cultures. However, the pictures don't reflect that and I know several pictures were taken of several families. Is there a specific way the pictures were selected? Showing the versatility of workers and families that attended will truly open up the opportunity and desire for more races and cultures to participate and assists other families. Is it possible to add more pictures; or if there is a limit, can they be better selected to show more versatility of our community?

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