THANK YOU for an overwhelmingly successful Showdown!  The final counts are in and we are blown away by results!  For those who missed the announcement at the game…

With a total of 3,160 items, the winner of the elementary level prize is Donna Park Elementary!

With a total of 8,900 items, the winner of the junior high level prize is Bedford Junior High!

And with a campus-wide total of 5,076 items and a grand total of 24,399 items, the winner of the high school level prize is LD Bell High School!

Congratulations to every school for making this effort a success.  The final count is a total of 44,415 items collected to help families in need in our community!  The HEB school district’s staff and students have absolutely blown us away!  We cannot thank you enough!  You have made a huge impact in the lives of many.


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