It’s 11:30am and my stomach is starting to tell me that it’s just about time to eat lunch. As I’m finishing up some work at my desk, I start to think about what I’m hungry for and make a plan to go pick up something to eat. Without a second thought, a run down to the local taco joint and put down 7 bucks for a tasty lunch.

For 55% of students in HEBISD, the question this summer will not be “What do I want for lunch?” but “Is there anything for me to eat at all?” During the school year, these 12,000 kids have the opportunity to eat a full meal for lunch and breakfast while at school. Unfortunately, the summer months don’t just bring a break from homework and tests for these students. The summer months also present a new challenge – food insecurity.

A family that is food insecure has limited or uncertain access to adequate food supply. When a child lives in constant uncertainty about when or if they will be able to eat, it becomes an emotional, physical, and mental challenge for that child.

Fortunately, families in HEB can turn to 6 Stones New Hope for reliable access to food throughout the entire year. With the support of this community, New Hope can continue to be a source of help and hope for these families. So next time you are deciding, “What do I want for lunch?” remember these kiddos whose only question is, “Do I get to eat lunch?”


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