Have you ever had something of value that broke?  Whether it’s a treasured vase or a precious piece of jewelry, we’ve probably all experienced the disappointment of knowing that something we love will never be what it once was.  Brokenness is all around us – in things, in relationships, in systems and even in people.

When glass breaks, the pieces are no longer what they once were; they now have rough, sharp edges that can cut and wound.  What took only a few seconds to break may take several minutes to clean up.  Brokenness is a hard reality, but there is hope.

The hope we have is in knowing that all of the broken pieces of our lives – the hurts, the disappointments, the habits and hang-ups – can all come together to create a beautiful mosaic.  We may not see the full picture of how all the pieces are coming together when we are stuck looking at one broken piece.  But, sometimes other people come into our lives that can help us see the beauty of the big picture.

At New Hope, we have the opportunity, to be that person that helps others see the beauty of the big picture.  Every day, dozens of families come through the doors of New Hope feeling broken and discouraged.  There are broken pieces all around them, and they may not know where to begin to pick up those pieces.  That’s where we can help.

Just a few weeks ago, Jimmy came into New Hope because he didn’t know what else to do.  He knew he needed help.  After losing his wife to cancer, Jimmy suffered with depression, which caused him to lose his job.  This started a downward spiral in which he eventually was unable to pay bills and was evicted from his home.  Now living in his car, Jimmy is just trying to survive each day.  He is overwhelmed by the broken pieces scattered around him, and fears that he may get wounded with any forward movement.

Volunteers at New Hope were able to talk with Jimmy and make a plan for helping him to “pick up” the broken pieces of his life.  Jimmy and the volunteers know that picking up the pieces will take some time and may cause some wounds.  But in the end, there will be beauty.

New Hope is a place where broken people help other broken people to pick up the pieces and move forward.  We hold on to the hope that all of our broken pieces will come together to create that beautiful mosaic.  We’d love to have you join us in our journey!


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