Michelle Kokko is a model volunteer. Her passion is contagious! Michelle is our volunteer coordinator for the 6 Stones Community Center at Dakota Place Apartments in Hurst. Michelle leads a weekly Kid’s Club group as well as community-wide gatherings for the complex. Since starting in mid-September, Michelle has held a movie night and cookout in conjunction with CityLife Church. Michelle also hosted a Christmas party for all of the children, where all of the children received a full meal and gifts. In order to make the Christmas party a success, Michelle personally enlisted the help of six community sponsors including Koinonia, Walmart, Ernie’s Seafood, Elrod’s Cost Plus, Hurst Police Department Officer Ryder, Officer Jimenez, and Fred Metcalf and CityLife Church. Each of the partners made Christmas at Dakota one that they will never forget.

At the end of January, Michelle also hosted a Baptism with a chili-dog cookout. Michelle has personally located volunteers to grow the services provided at Dakota Place. For example, Michelle found Doug Morrison, a volunteer who has a desire to help the kids start a garden at the apartment complex and help with weekly activities. Working with Tammy Dittmer, a volunteer living at Dakota Place, the Kid’s Club will offer a spring break session each day for the kids and host an Easter egg hunt on the 30th of March.

From her work at Dakota Place, Michelle inspired the student group at her church, CityLife, to adopt Cavender Manor apartments.


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