Recently, Alex Horton found a community partner willing to donate an entire truckload of beverages and snacks! Alex was able to coordinate with the Community Ministry wing of 6 Stones to find some people who really needed these items.  Dalton and David contacted the volunteer coordinators and managers at each location and planned an all-day distribution. With CD behind the steering wheel, Dalton and David loaded the 6 Stones box truck and delivered the drinks and snacks to eight 6 Stones community centers.  In total they delivered 8 pallets of drinks and 2 pallets of snacks.

We distributed the food differently at each location, depending on who was available to help. Our helpers included maintenance staff, volunteer coordinators and members of the community itself. We had a couple distributions in which we were similar to the “bread truck” and residents came out of their apartments, formed a line and received goods straight from the truck. At other locations, we unloaded the goods at a central location where the residents could access it.

At the Dakota Place (pictured above) residents came out and helped immediately and demonstrated true community spirit. This was a wonderful community effort, and with everyone's help, we were able to unload the entire pallet of soda in under 10 minutes!  (In the picture, left to right: CD, David Welch, Leon Stitt Jr (interim manager), Tammy Dittmer, Marcus, and two residents.)


The image above shows the distribution at Hillside Village apartments in Euless, which took place bread-truck style. Esmerelda, the apartment manager, is a strong advocate for 6 Stones and an amazing manager who gives her heart to the community.

In total, we delivered about 15,000 canned beverages!


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