“They say that love can heal the broken
They say that hope can make you see
They say that faith can find a Savior
If you would follow and believe
With faith like a child.”
— Jars of Clay “Like A Child”

Ethan is 8 years old. He has an older brother–Isaac, 10–and a younger sister–Addie, 6. This past December, the three siblings came with their mom to help us shop for some of the families who would be participating in Night of Wonder. They picked out toys, games and clothing items, and even provided some “expert advice” by helping other shoppers with ideas for the kids on their lists. They even volunteered as a family at one of the Night of Wonder parties.

A few weeks later, while at lunch with their family after church, Ethan came up to me and said, “Mrs. Tara! I have money for 6 Stones! I don’t have it now, but I’ll bring it to you.” After hearing how he raised the money, I was–and still am–blown away.

Here’s Ethan’s story in a letter he wrote to 6 Stones:

Letter“I wanted to help with a charity and help more in life. So, my family and I served with 6 Stones this past Christmas and it helped me realize how much they do for our community. So I chose to help 6 Stones.

One night, I asked if I could make a treat. The next morning I got up and went out to sell them to my neighbors for $1.00 each. I told Mr. Charlie about why I was selling my treats and he gave me a lot more for the ones that he bought from me. I raise $27 for 6 Stones.

I like 6 Stones because they show love. God tells us to help others who are in need. Love shows Jesus. That means because of what 6 Stones does for others, they show Jesus in our community. I want to help with that. I love 6 Stones and Jesus.”

Oh, to have that childlike faith and drive to see a need and meet it!

In January this year, Scott presented the “Love Challenge” at the Catalyst of Hope Luncheon. The challenge is to help, encourage and love someone around us who needs a hand–who needs hope. What are you doing to show that love? Share it with us on Facebook or by emailing us at info@6stones.org.

Thanks, Ethan, for setting an example for all of us.


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