In early October, we hosted the Black and Blue Food Drive, as per usual. The community responded with an outpouring of love and goodwill, as per usual. The Blue side of the metroplex won, with Bedford Jr High claiming an individual school award, as per usual. And they gave us the money back.

As. Per. Usual.

For three straight years, the Bedford Broncos have dominated in the annual food drive. The streak is not altogether surprising, given that the entire thing was launched by a BJH student. What is surprising, however, is that they consistently continue the circle of giving. With every year's victory comes a familiar letter to our Executive Director from Bedford principal Michael Martinak. Here's what this year's said:

Dear Mr Sheppard,

In keeping with tradition here at Bedford Junior High School, we are honored to donate the prize money received from our participation in the Black/Blue food back to 6 Stones Mission Network.

We feel it is much needed in our community and will be used to touch much-deserving families in the HEB school district as well.

Our BJH family of staff/faculty, students and parents are proud to help serve in this area and look forward to another ‘win' next year.


Michael Martinak

We love that. It's the reaction we want from everyone touched by this organization. It shows that people who have been awakened to the needs and desires of their hearts develop an instinct to do more. It marks the turn from do-gooding to difference-making. It's evidence of transformation in our community, from the people we serve to the people who serve beside it. It's the difference between “thanks!” and “Awesome! What's next?”

IMG_2420So, yes, the headline here is that students and families in the Hurst Euless Bedford Independent School District gathered 72,249 pounds of food to fuel their peers and neighbor's quest for better health, better education and better employment on the way to better lives. But that's not the real headline. The real headline is that lasting change is coming.

We know because we see the evidence everywhere. We call ourselves a Catalyst of Hope, not a source of it, because all we do is put the pieces in motion. It's you that uses that energy to reshape the world. You at school, you in church, you at work and you in your neighborhoods.

You are the hope.

Looking for a place to get involved? Our next event will be Night of Hope, during which we provide life essentials and holiday cheer for children and families in need around the holidays. Click here to learn more.

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