I love words.

I love that inside of every arbitrary collection of letters is a powerful meaning, agreed upon and put into circulation by humanity as a whole. More than that, I love that they combine to become more than they are. Words, like people, are powerful but limited in scope. Very few can stand on their own, and none are as potent by themselves as they are when they grab hold of each other and set out to accomplish something. Words become sentences become paragraphs become narratives that can reach deep into our souls.

As I write, I can look out the window from our offices here and see the place where my love of words was guided and flourished. A graduate of Trinity High School and a semi-professional in the world of broadcasting, I am burdened by the power of words to create or destroy; to incite change or inspire hopelessness. I came to 6 Stones because we agree on those basic principles. We agree that words are invaluable, and that people are better together than alone. And I'm excited to start using words to connect people to catalyze hope in the community that raised me.

Every person who has ever come into contact with this organization is part of a grand narrative. Whether your time here was a mere whisper or the experiential equivalent of a desperate filibuster; you've contributed to our story. And our story, like all human stories, is not a singular thread or a linear unfolding of events and relationships. It is complex, multi-faceted and defined by a vast cast of characters.

It is a mosaic, not a portrait.

As such, it's vital for us to include as many of your bright and colorful offerings as we can. Everyone involved in the work we are blessed to be part of is an essential element in the story we are writing together, and it is my pleasure to unite those elements here in our blog. As beautiful as every individual word, story and element of 6 Stones is, I believe the true wonder has yet to be seen. I believe it will be revealed increasingly as voices, stories and people gather here to declare the incredible things that are happening in and through our community.

And so it is with great pleasure and great trepidation that I ask… will you be part of our story?

Steven A Jones
Staff Writer, 6 Stones

Connect with us and share your experience on Facebook, Twitter, and by contacting me directly via email (sjones@6stones.org). I look forward to hearing from you!


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