Whether you have people who are working on houses, doing follow ups, or canvassing neighborhoods, CPR (Community Powered Revitalization) offers multiple ways for your church to impact the city.

I often tell pastors that CPR is one of the best ways for a church to flex its local-mission muscle.  The predominate reason for that is because we can offer a place of service for literally every type of person you have in your church.  Have a little old lady that loves the Lord and people but can't do much?  She can help with registration.  How about the guy who wants to serve but is either new in the faith or just not all that personable?  I bet he can swing a hammer.  Maybe you even have the person that is constantly nagging you about getting outside of the building and engaging people who may never darken the doors of a church building.  We need folks like that for follow up.

If you can rally your people, we can plug them in.  Consider the CPR Blitz as your very own local mission project, and our team serves your church by handling all the details and logistics.

Here are 4 ways you can significantly leverage the Spring CPR Blitz to the advantage of your church family:

1. Invite the un-invitable.  More often than not, we invite people “to church” but they don't come.  We'd love to see more people fill the seats and hear a story of hope, but certain tracks may need to be laid before we can get there.  Even while people might not come to our church services, most of those same people will often accept an invitation to go serve the needs of their fellow citizens.  Use this weekend as an opportunity for your people to invite their friends…to something other than a church service.

2. Give your Easter crowd a “next step”.  Easter services are typically the largest of the year.  Whether its because everyone is there on the same day, or because of people who still come on “Christmas and Easter only”, churches are wise to capitalize on this opportunity to invite people to come back and connect again.  Hear's a great opportunity to say, “Hey thanks for being here, why don't you come back when we go out and serve this certain family in need”.  You never know.  They just might show up.

3. Unlock the church's potential.  We will never reach our full potential until we die to ourselves and follow Jesus into the lives of others.  If your church is dying, stagnant, or is not as dynamic as it used to be – if there's potential yet to be reached – ministering to the needs of others is one of the best ways to turn the tide and get things moving in the right direction.  Put your people into a position where they get to see God working in the lives of someone else.

4.  Cultivate unity.  I've led a whole bunch of mission trips as a student pastor and lead pastor.  Those trips were local, regional and global and were comprised of all ages.  One thing every single one had in common?  Those who participated grew in relationship with the Lord and one another.  Jesus prayed for unity.  There's a bunch of ways we can pursue unity, and this is one really good option.

At 6 Stones, we exist be a Catalyst of Hope, which includes making disciples and helping churches fulfill the great commission.  We want to work with you and add tons of value to your church.  Our hope is that CPR is one way that can be accomplished.  I hope to see you and your family out there on April 21-22.  It's going to be a great weekend!

Click here to find out more and register:  sixstonesprod.wpengine.com/cpr


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