In the three years  6 Stones, I’ve heard — and wept over — many testimonies. But few have been as twisting and tragic as Ruth’s. Out of respect for her privacy, parts of her story remain confidential. What follows is only a silhouette of her struggle; a taste of her triumph. My hope is that, as you watch, you will see Ruth as I have come to see her. Not as a tragic collection of identity-defining obstacles, but as a strong woman who refuses to surrender to the incessant drumbeat of sorrow.


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  1. Ruth on April 18, 2018 at 9:12 pm

    My original cprr essay

    City of Euless
    201 North Ector Drive
    Euless, TX 76039

    Community Powered Revitalization
    Approval Essay

    Dear Committee,

    First off thank you for considering me and my household for assistance. It has been a hard struggle for me to endure and seems impossible for me to keep on trying to provide the best I can for my children and our home. I think that I am a perfect candidate for services that can be offered to me and my home. I am a centrally blind mother with increasing blindness of 3 special needs children under the age of 9. I worked as a graphic artist for 11 years and even after being abandoned by an abusive ex-husband with 2 babies with different forms of autism in 2010, only to lose my sight 3 months later.

    I struggled and saved my money to provide the best I could for my children to get out of a bad apartment that we lived in for 7 years, to be able to buy a home all on my own and have another baby that happened to be born deaf. I rarely get child support to help with the children so that just leaves my disability to pay for things that barely covers all the monthly bills without room for emergencies, such as a roof leak, kitchen plumbing issues and most important specially with the Texas summer fast approaching, a broken air conditioner.

    My parents are both disabled and in poor health and not able to help me, and there is not any other family members to help or friends, that leaves me and my children at a loss if something goes wrong. I have worked very hard to make this house a home for my children. I have slowly made little improvements to the house or grounds to provide my children with outdoor fun such as basketball goal and tetherball as well as a swing set and maintaining a pool year round to get ready for the summer heat and fun. Doing all of this has been a personal triumph of mine but I can no longer make any changes or have the financial means to fix major repairs.

    With increasing lack of child support I have not been able to save any funds for any further repairs to our home. Each month that goes by is getting harder and harder to make sure there is food for my family, and increasingly hard to keep the utilities and phone bills paid. I am in desperate need of assistance to keep this house a great home for me and my children, for not only the present, but also our future in our forever home. Thank you for your time in reading my story, and thank you for considering us as a candidate.

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