Beginning on Monday, August 5 and concluding with a final distribution event one week later, Operation Back 2 School served 4,792 at-risk students in HEB ISD this year. The event itself – hosted on August 10 – served nearly 3,000 students and their families, connecting them with resources for ongoing support as well as giving them everything they'll need to start the school year on equal footing with their peers. Roughly 1,500 junior high and high school students received their supplies from a counselor at their school before we opened the doors of Campus West at 9:00 am that Saturday. The final donations went to families who missed their chance on Saturday but collected supplies on a first-come, first-served basis on August 12.

There's nothing left to give, and that's a very good thing.

Part of the power of this community is your willingness to give away what you have. Without your generosity, many of these families would start the year with almost nothing. Some, like Christine, would feel as though they had failed. Instead, nearly 5,000 children felt your love. Their value. Their place in the HEB family.

To our 750 volunteers and thousands of donors: Thank You.

Thank you for your tireless service and endless support.


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