One the most glorious discoveries of this ministry has been the creativity along with the willingness to make a difference.  At all ages!

This is a photo from Braden's 1st Birthday party.  Obviously, it was a very special day for him and for his family, but also for 6 Stones.  You see, Braden and his parents, Kai & Christy asked Braden's friends and family to bring food donations for 6 Stones instead of birthday presents or toys. 

The cake was wonderful,, as you can see!  But, the food given will be eternal.  The items raise at this party and given to 6 Stones will go to meet the needs of families less fortunate in our area.  More importantly, we know that the food given, typically turns into spiritual food and lives are changed when they visit 6 Stones' New Hope Center. 

Thank you Braden for dedicating your first birthday to serving the needs of others and to the Lord.  Our prayer is that your entire life is the same.  With parents and grandparents like you have…you'll have a firm foundation to build on.

Oh…and Happy Birthday Braden from 6 Stones!  We celebrate you!


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