So how fast does prayer work?  I'm not 100% sure…but…

About 8:30 this morning, I put the “all call” out on Facebook to pray for a call I needed to make at 11am to a Mr. Sterling with Del Monte.  We've played phone tag.

Then…I jumped in the shower….and missed the call…again!  I dialed it right back. 

We needed some help with the Christmas Meal Boxes for the Night of Wonder….wer're down to the wire!

First, let me say…thank you for the prayer…obviously, it didn't take until 11am.

Second, God is good…and his timing is perfect!

Del Monte has commited to give us almost 5000 can food items from our list!  (Underline give!)

As I've said many times in this post…almost daily, I go home, look at my wife, shake my head and say, “you're not going to believe this…” 

Now, I'm shaking my head and telling you, “you're not going to believe this.” 

But, why are we suprised? 

Less than 50 families…almost home!

I know…we'll all be shaking our heads when this is all over!

Oh…and buy more Del Monte products!  Boy, they own a lot of brands!



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