Well, it actually was cold, but the L.D. Bell Baseball Team showed up Monday night and did their best impression of Santa Claus!  And did it quiet well!

Not only did they fill the lobby with players, but this photo doesn't even show half of the toys and goodies for the families that the team adopted. 

It made me think back to my high school days and Cal Hopkins.  I was fortunate to have a coach like Paul Gibson, that taught me as much or more about life and being a man, as he did any sport.  These guys are blessed!  (And so was I…)

And, I hope that you'd join me in praying that God richly blesses their season for their willingness to impact their community.   It's started off pretty well in my book!

Thanks Paul, and thank you L.D. Bell Blue Raider Baseball!

Less than 90 families left to adopt…if you can give us a hand…we'd sure love it.  For more details: www.nightofwonder.org



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