The First Annual Black vs. Blue Food Drive was a great success.  We are still processing and storing all the items, but we have over 5000 items from this amazing event!  That will go a long way meeting the needs in our community.

I have to say thank you Dr. B, HEB ISD Administration, Faculty, and Booster Clubs for your support!  This was just an idea two and a half weeks before the game, and it took lots of coordination and energy to do something like this in such a short time.

Thank you to Trey and Holly Dyer who initiated the idea and to Julie Cole for endorsing it and the three of them pouring lots of energy into this. 

If you did not hear, Bell High School won.  I think the deciding factor was the 900 cans collected by Bell High Schools Student Council.  Thank you Donna Paul for your leadership and the student volunteers that helped.

6 Stones will be not only making a donation to Bell's Angle Fund for winning, but due to the success of this event, we will also be making a donation to Trinity's Angel Fund as well.  We hope to help lots of great students achieve more!

Thank you HEB ISD from 6 Stones…and we look forward to Second Annual Black vs. Blue Food Drive next years big game!


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