What do 6 Stones and Euless Revitalization have to do with London, England?  Check out this story from a local 6 Stones Facebook fan. 

“I was traveling on business to London, England and was riding in a taxi to the airport to head home on Saturday morning. Needless to say, I was exhausted and ready to be home after a long work week. But, God showed up in an amazing way unexpectedly.

Our taxi ride was about an hour long and the taxi driver was definitely one who wanted to talk from the moment I stepped into the car. We discussed everything from the weather to the English countryside, until he brought up politics (due to the recent election). He kept mentioning how England has recently been so changed by the different cultures (specifically the increase of Muslims). Anyway, this discussion led to the differences between the Koran and the Bible. The conversation then led to how the government and religion can be so tightly weaved together and the impacts on the people. I mentioned to him that I just wanted to see governments step out of the way and let the churches take care of the people's daily needs (food, shelter, etc). Then, I simply mentioned to him that there’s a program back home that simply takes care of the local people from food to home repair.

He (the taxi driver) then proceeded to show excitement as he told me about a news program he watched recently from “a place in Dallas” that fixed up this woman's home and how grateful she was for the assistance. He was surprised at the gratitude shown by the woman effected and the kindness reflected…

I asked him if he knew the name of it…the taxi driver stated it was “some program that started with a 6”. In shock, I asked, do you mean “6 Stones ?” and he agreed. I'm not sure of the news program or the means by which he had heard of 6 Stones, but God is using the message and ministry in ways we may never know.

This was just a small interchange between two people during a random rainy morning in a taxi, but I thought I would pass along this word as God has laid it on my heart to share how even in the small things – He can touch a Global world.

Thank you for your leadership…and for allowing God to move freely through 6 stones.”
Kristen Hall Robertson 



  1. Faye Beaulieu on May 30, 2010 at 9:56 pm

    Amazing, and so encouraging.

  2. Barbara Hepler on June 2, 2010 at 9:28 pm

    I agree! That is just amazing, Kristen. Thanks for sharing this and also thanks for engaging in conversation with that taxi driver, even when you were tired and not really wanting to be conversational. We don’t always know just exactly what may come of passing words we share with someone…

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