Twenty-nine youth and 14 adults from First Baptist Hurst went out into the community January 16 to gather food, then brought it to 6 Stones New Hope Center and stocked our shelves!  The service project was part of the youth's Disciple Now weekend.  Thank you to Students:  Elizabeth Adams, Angela Allison, Brooke Cayce, Katie Herron, Tara Nimri, Hope Raymond, Tory Tolar, Courtney Waldron, Ashley Allison, Jacy Gregory, Megan Gregory, Sydney Hutchison, Brooke Jones, Kaylee Jordan, Sarah Mayorga, Mollie Ripple, Hannah Rutledge, Isaac Elisworth, John Mark Garner, Christopher Gibbs, Mark Hill, Scott Hill, Aaron Johnson, Matt Kellner, Jake Kennedy, Conner Killian, Tyler Poda, Dillon VandenHoek, Caleb Killough; Guest Leaders:  Sarah Carroll, Teresa Seaman, Aron Phillips; Youth Leaders:  Ronda Allison, Charles Allison, Jill Lucas, Randy Lucas, Amanda Millard, Scott Charbonneau, Kellie Charbonneau, Jeff Hutchison, Jeff Killian, Tammy Kent, and Melissa Jones.


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