Alliance For Children will be providing information at HEB ISD Operation Back2School.  We want to help them by asking you to vote at the following web site.  Signing up and voting with multiple email addresses everyday will help fund the Prevent Now program.  Here's an excerpt with more info:

Even if you were not sexually abused as a child and even if no one in your family has ever been sexually abused, child sexual abuse impacts your life.  In Tarrant County, the direct and immediate costs of child sexual abuse are over $15.1 million each year.  Prevention only costs $1.05 a person and for every adult trained to prevent child sexual abuse, ten children are better protected. 



Prevention works and by voting now for the Prevent Now program with the Pepsi Refresh Project you can help Alliance For Children reach our goal of educating over 65,000 adults in Tarrant County.  That means over 650,000 children will be better protected from the devastating effects of child sexual abuse.

Click here (or click the button above) to read more about Prevent Now and vote for this project.  If links above do not work, please visit

 Vote Now and Vote Often!!


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