Let me tell you about Kim.

A couple of years ago, Kim was having a difficult time paying the bills. As Christmas approached, her three children were invited to participate in Night of Wonder. During the party she picked up black bags with gifts for her children…gifts she would give to her children.

Christmas morning, the children awoke with excitement and opened their gifts. Yes, there were new clothes and toys. But, those black bags contained smiles and laughter. Those black bags contained hope. Joy overflowed as she watched her kids cherish the gifts she could not have provided on her own.

As she sat thinking it couldn't be better, her children brought her a gift. A gift they had kept a secret since the Night of Wonder party. As she opened it, warm tears began to stream down her face.

Today, if you visit Kim's home, the first thing you will see is the small cross her children gave her that Christmas morning. The first thing she will tell you is about the year she found hope.

Our community has hundreds of moms like Kim – moms who have to choose between paying the electric bill or providing a Christmas gift for their child.

For as little as $35, you can help one of mothers of the 700 children remaining. A mother like Kim.


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