Last year, employees from the city of Euless adopted 10% of the children for Night of Wonder! Carolyn C. Marshall told us why.

It is my pleasure to coordinate the Night of Wonder program for the City of Euless. Our employees have shown great generosity in eagerly adopting children and donating food items. It takes an entire team of people to make this happen. I can't explain why we have such outstanding participation here at the City but I'm not surprised as our employees are simply exceptional – or as we like to say, simply FabEuless.

As a Christian, I know what Christmas is really about but I think the exchanging of gifts is a joyful part of Christmas, especially for children. Christmas was such a special time in my family – the planning that went into selecting just the right gift for someone, the secrets and whispers as we tried to hide the gifts we were excited about giving, the hopes and anticipation that Santa would bring that treasured item we were wishing for – it was magical to me. I want every child to experience that feeling. We all give for different reasons but the thought of a child having no gift or the heartbreak of a parent unable to give their child a gift, is a reason that calls to all of us.

We would like to thank 6 Stones Mission for making this program possible and giving us the opportunity to give a gift to ourselves by giving to others.

Why do you participate?


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  1. Michelle Smith on December 11, 2013 at 8:58 am

    I pay it forward. Someone was there to help me when times were tough. Now I am so excited to be in a financial possition to be able to do the same for someone else.

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