We recently had the opportunity to visit with Ken Thompson of The Thompson Group at Classic Chevrolet.  Mr. Thompson shared his heart about doing business in our community.

“Our position is that we are one of the major companies in the area, but we wouldn’t be if it weren’t for our community,” he said.  “We sponsor lots of golf tournaments each year and like helping the Education Foundations, anything to raise money to help the community.  We especially like to work with those who are putting a lot back into the community.”

Ken Thompson, Scott Sheppard, D Higdon, W Higdon, D HenriettaEmployees at The Thompson Group/Classic Chevrolet are excited about helping during the CPR weekend blitz.  Within about two minutes of asking for volunteers, they had more employee-volunteers than were needed.  “One man was so excited, he called his wife.  He wanted to know if there was any opportunity like CPR in Carrolton,” Thompson said.  These employee-volunteers will deliver any needed last-minute supplies to the work locations during the blitz.

The Thompson Group has organized a promotion to help raise money for 6 Stones / CPR.  When customers visit their new location at 2501 William D. Tate in Grapevine, mention 6 Stones and test-drive a new Chevy, The Thompson Group will donate $25 to CPR.  And, when customers purchase any car or truck, The Thompson Group will donate $200 to CPR. 

“I had a great conversation with an Economical Development Director here in town, recently.  Most businesses don’t realize they have the ability to impact the community and that it ends up increasing sales,” said Scott Sheppard, Executive Director, 6 Stones Mission Network. “It’s a Win-Win situation.”

“We are doing this to give back to the community,” Mr. Thompson said. “Whatever business we get is just an extra benefit.  We’re not doing it to sell trucks.  We have a very relaxed atmosphere.  Our customers only talk to one person.  Everyone has the authority to do whatever is needed.  There is no running back and forth to a manager.  We are more interested in helping our customers get the cars they need for their jobs and their budgets.  Most people don’t expect to see the same salesman when they come in again. We have salesmen who have been with us for 15 years. We believe in building relationships,” he said.

“I think it is great that you have so many people involved with CPR.  The 100th house is a big story, especially considering you’ve only been doing this two years,” Thompson said.

It's going to be amazing!  Almost 700 volunteers have already signed up.  We hope you would invite a friend, co-worker or neighbor to join you as we impact the community!  We are continuing to form the teams for each site, so encourage your friends to register now.


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