The HEB Prom Closet has gone gangbusters in the last three weeks.  It has helped over 100 boys, girls, men and women with special occasion attire so far!

  • Do you have a Trinity Black and/or Bell Blue graduation cap and gown you can donate?  If so, please take it to the prom closet ASAP.
  • Do you know someone getting married this summer?  The HEB Prom Closet is switching over to concentrate on summer weddings. 
    • Help get the word out at your church or organization
    • Very good selection of:
      • Wedding dresses
      • Bridesmaid dresses
      • Tuxedos
      • Mother of the Bride dresses
  • The HEB Prom Closet lease is up at the end of June for the location at 1725 Bedford Road in Bedford.  Do you know someone who could donate about 2000 square feet of retail space for this worthy cause?  If so, email 
  • HEB Prom Closet Hours
    • 6 – 8 pm Wednesdays
    • 12 – 3 pm Saturdays



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