“If you give to others without measuring, you get repaid without ever asking for it.”  This is a great quote by Jeffrey Gitomer that Nancy Scott keeps on her desk, and which she and her husband, John, live by.  John & Nancy Scott read about Community Powered Revitalization, CPR, and instantly saw a connection. “We enjoy remodeling and building beautiful homes and we thought if our customers are getting beautiful homes, maybe through CPR we can help others get beautiful homes, too,” commented John Scott of Scott Homebuilders.

John and Nancy have 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, and decided to start their own business a few years ago.  Even in this economic downturn, the houses the Scott’s have built have moved quickly.  The longest one of their houses has been on the market is four months.  When they read about CPR, they wanted to help and decided to donate a portion of the proceeds of the sale of that property to 6 Stones Mission Network.   Three days later, the house sold, and it closed within three weeks.

Scott Homebuilders is a small, family-owned business that allows them to provide a higher quality product, with greater attention to detail at prices that are just not possible from other builders.  “We build the houses like we would live in them and we are pretty picky,” Nancy said.  “We will add an electrical outlet here or there, thinking about things like where the homeowner may want to plug in the Christmas lights.”

“We don’t think about the money while we are helping people find a home,” John said.  “We go into transactions as partners and when we deliver what our customers want, we are remunerated.”

“We enjoy remodeling houses in our neighborhood and reclaiming them for the community,” Nancy said. “Providing a portion of our proceeds to 6 Stones and CPR gives us the opportunity not only to help the community, but also to assist local families who need help.”

When asked what advice they would share to help others be successful in business, John said, “Do something you love.” 

“We love looking at houses and talking about what we can build,” Nancy added. 

“I love doing deals, making it all work.  I have a sense of happiness when I help someone own something that they love and it is a good fit for them,” John said.   “We like sharing our resources with 6 Stones because of the remodeling and revitalization it does through CPR and because we are homebuilders, too.”

You can visit them online at Scott-Homebuilders.com or tour their new homes under construction in the Villages of Woodland Springs, North Texas' fastest growing new home community.  The proceeds from the sale of the property by the Scott’s will enable 6 Stones to help others through the CPR program.  You and your business or organization can help by playing in or sponsoring the 3rd Annual 6 Stones Golf Tournament.  Learn more at 6stones.org/golf-tournament. If you are unable to play in or sponsor the tournament, but would like to donate online, click here During this last two weeks tlll the golf tournament, any amount you donate will go toward our $5,000 matching grant – so your impact will be double what it would be normally once we meet our goal of $5,000.


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