This fall, a group from Bell Helicopter spent two days working with the 6 Stones staff. We walked them through our processes for each piece of what we do. These guys were logistics ninjas! They helped us refine the systems, become more efficient and even reorganized our food room and warehouse.

Brad Holloway (Sr. Sales and Marketing Specialist) was a part of that group.

“I had the opportunity to work with the 6 Stones staff through a recent corporate training program, and the team's passion and dedication inspired me to adopt for Night of Wonder. There are many organizations asking for assistance during the holiday season, so it can be difficult to chose one organization to donate limited financial resources to during these lean economic times. With 6 Stones, I can rest assured that my donation will make a positive impact in the life of a child in need.”

 That's why Brad chose 6 Stones & Night of Wonder. If you've chosen 6 Stones, leave a comment and tell us why.


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