On Wednesday, more than 120 employees from Atmos Energy and Accenture joined forces and provided home repair and landscaping for 3 houses in Hurst, Euless and Bedford.

After several hours of scraping, painting, mowing, trimming trees and replacing woodwork, the employees regrouped to share stories both humorous and heart-warming. Local dignitaries joined them for a cookout and closing ceremonies. At the climax of the ceremony, Atmos officials presented Wes Higdon of 6 Stones with the keys to a pick-up truck.

As the day was winding down, one of the homeowners, through a big grin and watery eyes said, “Every morning for 20 some odd years, I drank my coffee on this porch. Tomorrow, I think I'll step out there and enjoy it lookin' at my porch. Ain't this one fine looking porch?”

Thank you Atmos Energy & Accenture for being catalysts of hope!

Check out the photos at facebook.com/6stones.
If your company is interested in a corporate event, email info@6stones.org.


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