This year we have partnered with BLUSOURCE to make Operation Back2School a success. BLUSOURCE has offered the backpacks and supply kits substantially below retail prices. This allows 6 Stones to be good stewards, stretch every dollar and help more kids start the school year with the tools they need.

Since meeting the BLUSOURCE team, we've been amazed every step of the way. Their passion and drive was right in line with ours.

BLUSOURCE is a very relational based company. We value people. We actively seek opportunities to be a part of all the great things our nonprofit partners do. We heard about 6 Stones & Operation Back2School through a partnering church, 121 Community Church. Little did we know just how well 6 Stones meets the tangible needs of the community, it has been a great reward to meet Scott and the team!

Those of us who visited 6 Stones in May left with a sense of hope. We truly wanted to do something tangible to simply help those that come through the doors leave with that same sense of life giving hope. We have decided to donate two pallets of clothing items to New Hope. This is just a practical way we can be a part of what is happening at 6 Stones.

Any chance BLUSOURCE has the opportunity to be a part of something truly good and life giving we absolutely want to!

– David Little

BLUSOURCE, founded in 1992 as International Distribution Systems, began with a simple objective:

To work hand-in-hand with nonprofits in providing for their consumer bases.
And that’s exactly what we do. Over the years we have built upon that goal and have grown into a family of 30+ employees who work daily to help our nonprofit partners meet the needs of those they serve.

We maintain our commitment. We do this by staying connected with our partners and building strong working relationships. We strive to understand their needs and meet them through our products, services and availability. We value every one of our partners—we are all in this together.


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