We are so encouraged by the traffic that is being generated on our website. That means you are reading what is on our heart. More importantly, you are engaged in what is going on in our community. 

Engage our community is the third directive for 6 Stones.

Rewind the tape three years. As we became more educated about our community through folks like Ellen Lobue, we realized we needed to mobilize. But, we weren’t sure what to do first or where to turn.

Together, Mrs. Lobue and I offered to host a lunch. We called our friends and anyone else we could think of and invited them to come and talk with us. Maybe, something good would come out of this dialogue. It did!

There were about 20-25 of us that met for a simple box lunch. We shared a little about who we were. Mrs. Lobue shared about who she was, what she did for the district and what the “score” was in the district (I hope you were able to review some of that in our last post). Then, using an easel and a flip chart, we listed issues and problems. We listed people, organizations and resources we could connect with to learn more and find solutions.

We were joined by Gary McKamie, Mary Frazior, Kathy Haecker,  Jim Pack and others. We created a pretty long list of needs. But, the discussion and the dialogue was phenomenal. It may have been the “tipping point,” as they say, for our community! Because the dialogue and the collaboration have continued to grow exponentially, ever since.

On January 20, 2012, we went back in time. This go around, we had over 200 folks here for a simple lunch. We shared what we knew so far, a little about where we thought we were going….but, we asked the questions again. What is the score? What are the 3-5 biggest issues that we face as a community? Like last time…they responded!

We would love to hear from you! We will be sharing that data in the coming days with our community.

The good news is, as a community we know the score! We can win. We are engaged to not only address issues…but to create a community that we would all be proud of. One that is impacting lives and making a difference, not only for today, but for our future!

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