Jennifer's family was not wealthy, but they managed to make payments and live comfortably. Then, after five years with the company, Jennifer’s husband lost his full-time job.

Suddenly, they found themselves struggling to pay bills. Even groceries were causing a financial strain on the family. “Even if I have to go hungry, I'm determined that my three young children will always have something to eat,” said Jennifer.

One Wednesday morning, Jennifer was heading to the local grocery store, discouraged and dreading the shopping trip. She knew she wouldn’t be able to buy everything that her family needed – including baby food for her 10 month old son. While driving, Jennifer saw a sign on the building – “6 Stones.” She had heard about it but really wasn’t sure what it was. Something told her that she should go in and find out more. Jennifer cautiously walked into New Hope. She was greeted by welcoming and caring volunteers that were eager to help her with anything she needed. When asked how she could be helped, Jennifer asked only for some baby food and diapers, hesitant to request too much assistance. The volunteers quickly encouraged her to take a full order of groceries for her family, including baby food and diapers.

As she left New Hope, Jennifer just continued to say, “I just came here for some baby food and diapers, and I’m leaving with so much more!”

Every day more parents find themselves in Jennifer’s situation – working hard to make ends meet and provide for their families. 6 Stones – New Hope is there to stand in the gap, offer hope and provide help for these families.


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