The City of Euless selected Mark Massey as the 2012 recipient of the Volunteer of the Year Award!  Mark is very much involved with 6 Stones and helps Kenny Price in the Community Ministries arm of 6 Stones.  Here are some kind words from Euless Chief of Police, Michael G. Brown:

Time is one of the few things that once given can never be replaced. It is more precious than gold. ft is with this realization that we recognize our 2012 Volunteer of the Year. This individual showed up one day and simply asked ‘”What can I do to help?” From that simple question this year's recipient has become a vita l member of the Euless Police Department's family. The first thing he did for the Euless Police Department was become our last minute fill in as Santa. We called him just a day or two before our Christmas party a few years ago and asked if he would be interested in playing Santa for the our children. We went on to explain that we had a costume and everything that he would need. He stopped us in the middle of our sales pitch and simply said ”I' ll be there and I have my own Santa suit.” From that first interaction with the members of the Euless Police Department our recipient has become one of our Volunteer Chaplains. You can find him riding a long with various officers on a weekly basis. I truly believe he has found his calling in life. He loves to serve others, and is willing to serve in any capacity we ask. He even helped us cook for the City of Euless Employee's Christmas lunch. He can be found anytime there is work to be done; he just magically appears with a strong back and a servants heart. Our Volunteer of the Year is willing to do whatever is asked of him in service to our department. for his unselfish service to the Euless Police Department and the citizens we serve. Mark Massey is selected as the 20 12 recipient of the Volunteer of the Year Award.


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